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If you are a current student, if you’ve already enrolled to join us this Spring, or if you are thinking about studying with us, you’ll find relevant and up-to-date information on this page, as well as full details on how we’ll keep you safe and healthy on campus.


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Remote learning

We offer remote study options for our Bachelor’s and Master’s programs – all delivering the same academic outcomes as you’d achieve through face-to-face teaching on campus

Our remote learning options

Current situation on campus

Glion Swiss campuses

Our campus safety protocols are fully aligned with the latest Swiss government Covid-19 measures. You can find more information here.

Until restrictions are lifted we will be delivering all academic classes online.


Find out more about our precautionary measures on campus here.

The protocol on isolation and quarantine can be downloaded here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to welfareinfo@glion.edu.

Glion London campus

For more information about the situation in the UK or travelling to the UK, you can find the latest government updates here.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to send an email to welfareinfo@glion.edu.

Flexible check-in dates

Check-in dates for new students

If you’re a new student you can find your provisional check-in dates at the link below.

Check-in dates and start dates

We’re offering flexibility

As a world-leading hospitality business school, we remain committed to operating within rigorous academic guidelines when setting our admissions criteria. However, we appreciate that the current situation means you may not have access to the necessary documents for your application. And we understand that capacity for English language testing may be reduced in your country.

We’ll try to be as flexible and accommodating as we can within our guidelines and quality standards. For example, we’ll accept predicted grades where possible, and find solutions for students who have not received their graduation certificates. The three additional English language tests that will be accepted (for the Spring 2021 intake only) are:

  • IELTS Indicator (you sit the test independently and provide us with your official results)
  • Oxford Placement Test (this test is bookable via our International Enrolment team and is included as part of your application fee)
  • Language Cert (you sit the test independently and then provide us with your official results)

Visa support and late arrivals

We appreciate that you may be finding the constantly changing picture on international travel and visa regulations confusing. We’re here to help: our admissions and enrolment team will be happy to advise you on your applications and to provide additional information on visa requirements and processes.

If you think you are going to arrive on campus after your program start date, please contact the admissions and enrolment team to make a late arrival request, so we can prepare your additional pre- and post-arrival support. We are allowing late arrivals of up to one month from program start date.

We will also be making extra resources available for visa applications for Switzerland.

Health and safety protocols

Enhanced on-campus health, safety and welfare policies

Your wellbeing is our absolute priority and we’re doing everything possible to create a safe campus environment for you. We’ve introduced four key principles to support your safety on campus:

  • Reinforced sanitary protocols
  • Clear guidelines for personal hygiene
  • Physical distancing in all situations
  • Regular communication to staff, faculty and students

Detailed Covid-19 protocols have been developed by each campus. They cover all activities and areas, and are applicable to staff, faculty, students, and visitors. Our protocols have been evaluated and confirmed by medical and hygiene experts. They follow and often go beyond, the advice of health authorities and advisors.

We’re more committed than ever to your career success

Your Glion education is purpose-designed to equip you with the skills and professional polish you’ll need to compete for the best positions in luxury, hospitality and the experience economy – whether that’s for your professional internships or future leadership roles after graduation. As a global Top 3 hospitality business school, you also have the power of the Glion name to open doors to the roles you desire.

Our specialist Career and Internship team will be ready and waiting on-campus or online, to ensure that you’re connected to the roles and opportunities you want – in your home country or elsewhere in the world if you choose.

Summary of our main Covid-19 safety protocols

These measures will continue to evolve to follow updated guidelines from the health authorities in our different locations.


Precautionary measures in place in Switzerland

Find more about the latest protocols in place on our Swiss campuses here

Precautionary measures in place in London

Find more about the latest protocols in place on our London campus here.