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The Future of Destination Marketing and Management

On June 2nd Glion Institute of Higher Education had the pleasure of hosting a EuroCHRIE Swiss mini-conference on the Bulle campus for the second consecutive year. This year the theme of the event was the future of destination marketing and management, with around 30 guests from Swiss hospitality schools and Glion Online MBA and campus faculty joining the day. The day started with Glion Director of Academic Affairs, Christian Daujat,

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Hospitality, a Glion perspective

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and green business are all integral to current business terminology. Managers have access to a huge number of studies that suggest consumer interest in responsible business practices. During the summer of 2014, Nielsen found that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more if a company is committed to responsibility, while according to Accenture and UN Global Compact, 27% of European consumers always or often note

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Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Hospitality Industry

I have a lot of acquaintances asking me what motivated me to pursue a career in the hotel and tourism industry. They would be better off asking me to define the purpose of life or explain astrophysics, because there is no clear and certain answer to that question. It all depends on what a person seeks from choosing to work in hotels. Hospitality has history… The reasons are just about

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