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The chocolate hotel and other cool urban renewal projects

Urban renewal projects represent opportunities for hospitality entrepreneurs to create really cool new businesses. Here are some examples of inspiring urban renewal projects and insights on what makes them successful. What is urban renewal? Why does it matter? Urban renewal is the process of renovating and repurposing areas in large cities where buildings or areas are no longer being used. The objective is to create multi-usage spaces that stimulate the

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Student Feasibility Studies for Hospitality & Tourism

Every semester, Glion students conduct and present feasibility studies for hospitality and tourism partners in the industry. Their presentations show just how useful and creative an applied business project can be when you ask hospitality management students to get involved. This summer, Glion was approached by Villeneuve à Venir, a local non-profit organization that promotes the sustainable development and the promotion of local community, its historic, cultural, and social heritage.

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