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Glion’s first Cooking Club

I have always been interested in food, mostly in eating it. My culture, Italian, and my family played a very important role in this. A few years ago, I started living on my own and the necessity of feeding myself let me discover a great passion for cooking, especially cooking for others. Relaxing and exciting at the same time, cooking represents for me the beginning of a moment of communion.

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Organizing Events in the ESE Program

What is the Event Sport and Entertainment Management program in Glion about nowadays? In my experience, people are often wondering what the key segments of this degree are and what we are actually doing. This article will answer all those questions. To start with, we ESE students also have to put our knowledge into practice and, as we all know, this period is called CBL (craft-based learning) or applied learning.

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The Glion Charity Club

The Charity Club has been a successful part of our school for almost a year now. In the past two semesters, we’ve had the opportunity to organize a plethora of different events encompassing dinners, parties and other fundraisers. To date, the Charity Club has raised over a thousand francs for both the Swiss Red Cross and Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, charities which allow us to give back on a local

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