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Interviewing semester 4 students

Hello guys? How are you doing? I interviewed some of my friends to ask them how they feel about Glion. These are all students from semester 4, all from different countries. Meet my friends: Max from Switzerland, Matilda from Sweden and Champagne from Thailand. Maximilien von Stadelhofen, Switzerland, Bachelor Hospitality Management Why did you choose Glion? I chose Glion because I was accepted in both EHL and G.I.H.E and I

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The one-week internship: DAVOS

Hello everyone, In school we were told to do a six-month internship in semester 2 and 5. Exceptionally, the semester 3 students this year was given the chance to participate in a one-week internship for an event. Welcomed by the General Manager of Steinberger hotel in Davos, I helped out in the World Economic Forum event from the 20th to 27th January. I worked in the kitchen department for this

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