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Life on internship in Jakarta

Hi guys, how have you been? I am currently in my 5th semester doing my back office internship. You may have read my post before on how to get an internship. My position here is the Communication Intern in Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta. The communication office is another word for public relations and marketing communications. My day starts at 9 am and finishes at around 6 pm – 7 pm. There is no exact

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Interviewing semester 4 students

Hello guys? How are you doing? I interviewed some of my friends to ask them how they feel about Glion. These are all students from semester 4, all from different countries. Meet my friends: Max from Switzerland, Matilda from Sweden and Champagne from Thailand. Maximilien von Stadelhofen, Switzerland, Bachelor Hospitality Management Why did you choose Glion? I chose Glion because I was accepted in both EHL and G.I.H.E and I

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The one-week internship: DAVOS

Hello everyone, In school we were told to do a six-month internship in semester 2 and 5. Exceptionally, the semester 3 students this year was given the chance to participate in a one-week internship for an event. Welcomed by the General Manager of Steinberger hotel in Davos, I helped out in the World Economic Forum event from the 20th to 27th January. I worked in the kitchen department for this

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