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Bulle campus cleans up

On Friday and Saturday, the 11th and 12th of September, it was Clean Up Day in Switzerland. More than a hundred “communes” (city districts) took part in it and Bulle was one of them. For the students on the Bulle campus if Glion Institute of Higher Education, it was an opportunity to act as members of the community and demonstrate our attachment and respect for this city that has been

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Perspectives on Business Ethics at the 2015 MBA Symposium

On September 15th, Glion Institute of Higher Education hosted its 5th annual symposium as part of its MBA Key Concept Series on the Bulle campus. This year’s event showcased “Perspectives on Business Ethics” with a panel of industry experts who are thought-leaders in the domain of ethical behavior and governance for finance, education, fundraising, and innovation and sustainability. The day’s key speakers included: Paul Dembinski, Observatoire de la Finance, an

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Planning a Cultural F&B Event: The Dumpling Event

This is my first semester at Glion and my first experience with overseas education, so everything is still fresh and will probably continue to be fresh and surprising for quite some time. So far, I have met the most amazing people, I have experienced precious events, and I have organized one very memorable activity: The Dumpling Event. Our dumpling event has taught me things that could never be learned in

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Climbing: an experience worth jumping into!

“Its not about the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” – Sir Edmund Hillary Climbing has always been a sport that thrilled me. It is widely known as a team sport, but when you climb, it is truly between you and the mountain. Whatever happens when you are up there on the rocks of the mountain – from the calculated moves you take, to the mistakes you make – are between

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Visiting a university fair in Spain

My name is Alexandra Carney and I’m a 7th semester student enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA in Hospitality Management with a specialization in Sales & Marketing. Among the many other activities and societies I have joined at Glion, being a Student Ambassador has brought me some of the most rewarding experiences in terms of professional and personal development. Being an ambassador requires being active both internally and

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