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Insights from EURO 2016: the evolution of international sports events and careers

This years’ Euro2016 by UEFA was the largest to-date as an estimated 2.4 million spectators filled the stadiums across France with over 4 million people visiting the 10 Host City Fan Zones, and attendance is not the only thing that’s grown. The economic and social impacts of international sports events continue to deepen and diversify, creating new opportunities for businesses and career opportunities in the event, sport and entertainment industries.

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Glion Champs 2014

With the many outstanding events Glion students have hosted in the past, ESE1 can finally join the ranks as they hosted their first event early last week. The annual Glion Champs sporting event is produced and executed by ESE1 students. This year the Glion Champs team put together a memorable event and showcased the Glion Spirit, student’s individuality, and teamwork. From brainstorming, securing sponsors, to organizing games, the students really

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Sports Activities & Excursions – Up In the Mountains the real Swiss experience !!

Starting the semester in January can be particularly hard for students, especially this year with snowy and freezing cold weather that we have had in Switzerland. One thing that the student body does not always know, is that being in Glion or Bulle, we are very close to some of the most impressive mountain scenery in Europe. That is why most of our weekend activities and excursions, in the first

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