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When a Glion alumna stands on the other side of the room….

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed one of our alumni, Hannah Béraud-Hindi, to give our students a lecture on digital communication in hospitality. This took place on our London campus two weeks ago, and it was Hannah’s second guest lecture this year after she visited the Bulle campus in August. Hannah graduated in 2013 and since then has gone on to work for Grand Hotel du Lac in

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#HeForSheGlion, by Students For Humanity

#HeForSheGlion Facebook #HeForSheGlion Instagram   Gender inequality is an issue existing in this world for as long as any history books have recorded. Various manifestations and people (both men and women) have fought against it throughout the years, but despite some positive changes, the issue still persists today. In medieval times, women were granted the title of Queen only if they married a King. In 1789, the French Revolution questions the

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