Glion student testimonial – Susana Oliveri

Susana Oliveri’s family have no hospitality history, so it may seem surprising it is the industry Susana wants to work in. However, she was determined to experience it and after falling in love with Glion, she is now Student Government Association (SGA) President. “If you really want to be successful in hospitality, Glion is the place to be,” Susana said. “It has given me the opportunity to experience soft skills

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Glion supports sustainable tourism with Sumba Hospitality Foundation

After many years spent away from the hospitality industry, Glion alumna Inge de Lathauwer ’89 was working with charities when she learned about the catastrophic impact of poorly planned tourism development in some parts of the world. She decided to create a non-profit hospitality organization that would model the right way to develop tourism, and she created Sumba Hospitality Foundation (SHF). In 2015, Glion formed a partnership with the foundation

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Glion’s Student Government Association

Being a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) is, in my opinion, the highest non-academic rank a student can achieve at Glion. Every semester, the Executive Committee (EC) members are elected by the Glion student body to represent their best interests. The SGA has an international heritage with members of different nationalities. Although cultural traits may appear, we all have a common goal: to evoke the famous “Glion Spirit”.

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