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The key to career success in international sporting events and federations

International sports events and federations present excellent career opportunities for people who have the right skills. But these highly sought-after positions don’t just require skills in sports management or event management, they require both. The students of the Event Sport and Entertainment (ESE) management programs at Glion Institute of Higher Education have experienced this overlapping area of demands first-hand. From their experiences, we learn that their “hard skills” in sports

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ESE Integrated Projects for 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil 

On Friday May 8th our ESE4 teams presented their Integrated Projects (IP) at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. The IP objective was to create a new event program focused on Culture, Education and the spirit of the Olympic Movement for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. These projects were developed with a long term perspective “format” so they may be repeated annually or on occasion for the future Olympic Games.

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