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The digital human touch: how technology is bringing greater personalization to luxury hotels

From crowdsourced travel guides to accommodation-sharing platforms, technology has transformed hospitality — and the luxury hotel industry is no exception. High-end hospitality brands are connecting with a new generation of tech-savvy guests through artificial intelligence, voice-activated speakers, robot butlers and other gizmos and gadgets. And while some may think technology means impersonal service, these hotels are proving that tech can offer guests greater convenience, customization and personalization. 5 ways luxury hotels

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The diversity shift in luxury hospitality: good for luxury and for business

Studies have shown that diverse companies perform better in almost every category. But why is this the case? Here, we look at examples from the luxury hospitality industry to discover the benefits of gender, ethnic and racial diversity at work: The benefits of diversity Employee retention – When the management of a luxury hotel values diversity and sets it as one of their corporate priorities, this tells employees that they

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The inclusivity paradox: attracting a new generation

Interview with Glion alumnus Stephen Alden: CEO, The Dedica Anthology With a rising generation of global millennial travellers, the culture of luxury is in flux. How can luxury brands become more inclusive while still retaining their exclusivity? Ahead of the upcoming Glion Luxury Conference, we asked Glion alumnus Stephen Alden (class of 1981), CEO of The Dedica Anthology, to share his insights. Luxury is about being exclusive, but many of

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Why do we need etiquette?

Georgette Davey, Managing Director of Glion Institute of Higher Education, explains why etiquette is an essential modern-day skill. Since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry married in May, plenty of news pieces have emerged on how the American is expected to behave now that she is a member of the British royal family. Commentators have drawn attention to royal traditions that guide what to eat (no garlic), how a female member

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Vice-President gives eye-opening talk on assessing luxury brands

Industry connections are a vital part of Glion education. Our students interact with and hear from leaders with considerable experience. Recently, Chris Fradin– Vice-President in Partner Sales at Forbes Travel Guide – spoke to our students about his extensive career and assessing global luxury brands. Our Student Ambassador, Marco, fills us in on Chris’ enlightening talk. Global industry experience Chris visited our campus to provide valuable insight. It was an honour to

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