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The Key Tech Hospitality Trends for 2018

Technology continues to play a big role in the hospitality industry. Customers expect modern, fast and efficient service, while the hospitality industry looks to technology to create slicker, faster and easier ways of doing things. In the world of hotels, it is especially prevalent. In 2018, there is a greater emphasis than ever on using technology to enhance guests’ experiences. Here are just a few tech trends that you can

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Glion visits The Landmark London

In November, The Landmark London welcomed Glion’s film crew for a movie shoot, and we got a ton of great shots that highlight the mix of historic beauty, innovative improvements and a dynamic city vibe that defines hospitality culture in London today. As iconic hotels go, The Landmark London truly represents the revolutions that shaped the world of travel and tourism. After we admired the classy luxury of The Landmark

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