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Working in Las Vegas hotels: a Glion alumnus’ perspective

Glion student ambassador Fernando Guardia O’Kellys recently interviewed 23 year old Glion alumnus Diego Lozano Vara from Spain, for the Glion Gazette.   Hi Diego, It is a pleasure to have this talk with you and include you in this number of The Glion Gazette. Before knowing more about your current job in Las Vegas, tell us a little about your academical formation. Which bachelor did you course and where did

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Getting into Luxury PR

Alumna Lisa Stoffel, BBA Hospitality ’13, shares her journey into the realm of PR and her role as a senior communications executive at the Qode, a luxury public relations firm in Dubai. Looking back, why did you choose Glion? After high school I was still not ready to choose a career, I thought hospitality was a good route because it has many departments and many areas to work in and

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Hybrid learning on the Master’s in Hospitality Finance

Pia Hu, Program Leader of the MSc, shares feedback and examples from students who are in the online portion of this hybrid master’s program. The Master’s in Hospitality Finance has entered its third year running with some interesting success stories. Due to its small size (on average 10 new students per year), this master’s program for finance and entrepreneurship has a high ratio of teachers to students, creating a close-knit

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