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The one-week internship: DAVOS

Hello everyone, In school we were told to do a six-month internship in semester 2 and 5. Exceptionally, the semester 3 students this year was given the chance to participate in a one-week internship for an event. Welcomed by the General Manager of Steinberger hotel in Davos, I helped out in the World Economic Forum event from the 20th to 27th January. I worked in the kitchen department for this

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The Internship Book Part 5

Internships for Event, Sport and Entertainment Students By Jacquie Lutz Events, Sports and Entertainment (ESE) students, like their hospitality counterparts, are required to do two internships, in their third and fifth semesters. Unlike hospitality students, ESE students find internships in many varied and diverse organisations and businesses, both large and small, both corporate and non-corporate. From International Sports’ Federations to local clubs, from the Olympic Games to Event companies in

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