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HeForShe Glion panel on gender equality

On the 12th of May, 2015, HeForShe Glion organised the first HeForShe Glion panel discussion on the Bulle campus. For years, gender equality has been a major subject of discussion. There are the supporters, the detractors, and the ones who are indifferent. Most of us have an opinion about gender equality, but can we say things have progressed lately? Inequalities are everywhere, in different moments of life and in all

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#HeForSheGlion, by Students For Humanity

#HeForSheGlion Facebook #HeForSheGlion¬†Instagram   Gender inequality is an issue existing in this world for as long as any history books have recorded. Various manifestations and people (both men and women) have fought against it throughout the years, but despite some positive changes, the issue still persists today. In medieval times, women were granted the title of Queen only if they married a King. In 1789, the French Revolution questions the

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