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Healthy habits for hospitality lifestyles

This semester, students and staff at GIHE have enjoyed several health awareness initiatives, including Health Week, that encourage students to create healthy habits for a balanced lifestyle. Healthy living is especially important for hospitality students and professionals, because working in the hospitality and event industries tends to involve long hours, travel, and stress. So staying balanced in one’s personal life and developing personal strategies for maintaining a good work-life balance

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Glion Students Earn Future Leaders Awards

Last semester, three young ladies from Glion Institute of Higher Education were awarded the Future Leaders Awards by the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) after participating as moderators and animators in the campfire workshops at the General Assembly, IACC Europe Knowledge Festival, held in Milan. The students who received this prestigious recognition were Ariane Broquet (Swiss), Anastasiya Fomina (Russian), and Olga Larsen, (Russian); they were all semester 6 students

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