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What do Glion students get up to on their summer break?

Glion students have lots of fun and exciting activities, societies and hobbies to enjoy while studying. However, the summer break is a great way to make the most of having more free time. Our students have many opportunities during the summer months to keep their minds active while also enjoying the sunshine. Here are some examples: Go travelling  Discovering new places and engaging with different cultures is a crucial part

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Glion prepares for MasterChef competition

Glion has always advocated a friendly atmosphere, where students have the opportunity to leave their stamp on campus life. One way is through events, with the latest being the Glion MasterChef competition. For those who do not know, MasterChef is an international television series in which talented chefs compete against one another, with a contestant being eliminated each episode. Our students got inspired by this TV show and organized their

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Glion Student Testimonial: Klara Hoxhallari

Klara Hoxhallari was initially unaware of the hospitality industry. However, when it came to searching for a job that would take her across the globe, she soon realized it was the perfect fit. After finishing her studies in her native Albania, Klara began a “life-changing” experience at Glion. Why did you choose hospitality field, what does hospitality mean for you? I developed great interest in continuing my studies abroad, particularly

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Glion London students win Passion 4 Hospitality competition

At Glion, you get to put the skills you learn to the test with exciting projects and competitions. Recently, five MBA students from our Glion London campus applied their knowledge to the Passion 4 Hospitality competition, where they beat six other universities to be crowned the winners. The competitors – Alex Florea, Elena Kharina, Leo Tran, Kostas Staikos and Bianca Wu – tell us all about it in our latest

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Students enlightened by Glion Recruitment Day

  Every semester, Recruitment Day is a major event in the Glion calendar. Attending this event gives our students the chance to network with leading organizations, and can often result in finding internships and employment opportunities. We welcome companies from around the world, offering students valuable internships, work experience or full-time positions. On October 25, our Bulle campus organized the second Recruitment Day of 2017, with over 45 businesses in

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