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Interview with Amal – Glion London Postgraduate student

Currently studying for her Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration at Glion’s London campus, French/Moroccan student Amal M’rini reflects on why she chose to build her career in hospitality management, and how her program of study at Glion London is preparing her with the skills and knowledge for future success. Q: Before you enrolled, why did you decide to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration? Amal: “After an internship

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Glion London Magazine – June 2015

What have Glion London students been up to recently? Find out from students Claudia (Italy/America), Sara (USA/Colombia/Egypt) Yvette (Taiwan) and Penn (Malaysia) in the latest edition of our magazine!

The London Difference

When Glion students go to London, either for a semester or for the full-program, they are often surprised by how different the Glion London campus is from the Swiss campuses. Yvette Liu was in her 4th semester of the BA in Hospitality when she transferred to Glion London looking for a different experience, and she got it! In this interview, she shares the things she likes best about Glion London

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An Eye-Opening Placement In The Pearl Of The Orient

I still remember just one and a half years ago I was struggling to decide whether to stay in Europe to gain more cultural experience or to go back to Asia to gain a fundamental knowledge of the hospitality industry in my own mother tongue. Then, through Glion, I found my internship in a city that I later on fell in love with – Shanghai. A lot of people I

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Fall Residencies on the London campus

This autumn, our online MBA students joined the students of the Executive Certificate program for an optional residency program at our beautiful Glion London campus. Executives from HIT Scotland also joined courses for Leadership development opportunities. During the residency, students took up to two of four offered courses (Challenges of Leadership, Managerial Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management and Financial Strategy and Planning), providing an opportunity for classmates to meet

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