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The Power of Hospitality in Luxury Today

Within the total luxury industry, the delivery of luxury experiences is booming — much of which is driven by hospitality. “Luxury experiences,” as defined by Bain & Company, accounted for more than 29% of the total global luxury market and grew 5% faster than the total personal luxury goods segment in 2016. These experiences include luxury hotels, cruises and restaurants, as well as fine wines, spirits and food. Luxury hospitality

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Glion innovation recognized at Worldwide Hospitality Awards

We’re delighted to have received the award for “Best Innovation in an Educational Program 2016” at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards during a ceremony at InterContinental Paris Le Grand, France, on 14 November 2016. “It is an honor to receive this award,” said Fabienne Rollandin, Executive Director External Relations of Glion Institute of Higher Education. “For more than 50 years, Glion has put students at the center of every innovation and

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The remarkable past of Jon-Hans Coetzer, new CAO of Glion

Glion’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer shares his views on communication skills and some surprising stories from his past. Last month, Glion’s new Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer spoke at the World Communication Forum in Davos. We interviewed Dr. Coetzer to shed some light on his career before the world of academia, and his stories were nothing short of remarkable.    First, we asked why Dr. Coetzer

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The value of costs explained by Glion’s new Doctor (DBA) Raffi Chammassian

In March 2016, Glion’s Graduate School finance faculty gained a new doctor:  Dr. Raffi G. Chammassian successfully defended his Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) thesis at the Grenoble Ecole de Management Doctoral School in France. Dr. Chammassian has taken the topics of entrepreneurial management and value creation to a higher level for his thesis titled Towards a New Cost Paradigm for Technology Start-up Entrepreneurs that focused on how costs are

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Understanding Geopolitics & pursuing a global career

The link between geopolitics and hospitality is complex yet evident. Crystal Cavin, Glion Institute of Higher Education’s faculty expert on geopolitics, talks about why hospitality leaders need to understand geopolitical issues. Billions lost in international travel One thing that most people don’t know is how long-term and far-reaching the effects of a geopolitical crisis, or a related terrorism attack, can really be. “Here are some hard facts: according to the

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