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The Funky Brunch Recipe for Success – Interview with Alumna Jacqueline Chelliah ‘05

Who would have thought a graduate from Glion’s Sport and Event Management School would go on to produce up-scale F&B events? Jacqueline Chelliah ’05, aka Jackie Wonder, co-founded the Funky Brunch company in 2013. As the popularity of the Funky Brunch events grows, Jackie is looking at taking it to a global level. Here’s a little look at her journey from Glion to entrepreneurship and her plans for what’s next.

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From hotel management to the Ballets de Monte-Carlo

Is it possible to launch a career in arts and entertainment or the event industry, after graduating from a hotel school? Not only is it possible, it is actually a logical career path, as Caroline Aubry’s experience proves. In her second year of the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management, she is on internship at the Ballets de Monte-Carlo as an event production assistant. For her second internship as a student

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Planning a Cultural F&B Event: The Dumpling Event

This is my first semester at Glion and my first experience with overseas education, so everything is still fresh and will probably continue to be fresh and surprising for quite some time. So far, I have met the most amazing people, I have experienced precious events, and I have organized one very memorable activity: The Dumpling Event. Our dumpling event has taught me things that could never be learned in

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Wine, Dine & Connect

Wine, Dine & Connect (WDC) welcomes students to semi-formal lunches or dinners with guests from the local business community and local alumni. Through my position as a Campus Life Leader and ESE2 student, I created WDC to connect students with local professionals. The events are hosted at one of the two on-campus, student-run restaurants: Hotel des Alpes or La Résidence. The guest to student ratio is approximately 1:7 giving students

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