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Postgraduate Internship Q&A with Yiwen Eng

  Name: Evalynn Yiwen ENG Nationality: Singaporean Age: 26 Program: Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Events, Sports and Entertainment Management Applied Learning: Project Factory & Restaurant and Kitchen Background before Glion: Bachelor Degree in National University of Singapore, Management Associate in Super Bean Pte Ltd, Singapore Internship: Events Intern, The Working Capitol (Keong Saik) Pte Ltd, Singapore, Jul – Dec 2015 (6 months) 1. What was your experience like at

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The key to career success in international sporting events and federations

International sports events and federations present excellent career opportunities for people who have the right skills. But these highly sought-after positions don’t just require skills in sports management or event management, they require both. The students of the Event Sport and Entertainment (ESE) management programs at Glion Institute of Higher Education have experienced this overlapping area of demands first-hand. From their experiences, we learn that their “hard skills” in sports

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Organizing Events in the ESE Program

What is the Event Sport and Entertainment Management program in Glion about nowadays? In my experience, people are often wondering what the key segments of this degree are and what we are actually doing. This article will answer all those questions. To start with, we ESE students also have to put our knowledge into practice and, as we all know, this period is called CBL (craft-based learning) or applied learning.

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Event Management Tips #2

Getting Organized in Event Management Event management is an intense career path where multitasking is a part of everyday work. My first few weeks in Glion’s Event management department gave me some insight into the fast-paced rhythm that this internship is going to follow and I am happy to share with you this overview of how I am getting started and organizing myself to participate in ten different events over

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Event Management Tips #1

Tip 1 – What was impossible may become possible On the day of the graduation ceremony, I was amazed by the perfect organisation of the event. At that time, I was graduating from the Postgraduate Event, Sport and Entertainment (PGD ESE) program. I started thinking that it would be really interesting to learn from people who organize really outstanding events, such as the graduation. I knew that sometimes the students

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