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A Master’s for Entrepreneurs

Student interview with Sonam Nandwani, MSc2 After finishing the campus-based semester of the MSc in Hospitality Finance, Sonam Nandwani, 23 years old, is headed home to continue her courses online while she researches opportunities to open her dream café. We caught up with her right after graduation to ask her about her work on the Aminona Applied Business Project, and her insights into the MSc program which is still a

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From hospitality to entrepreneurship, a Glion alumnus story

Alexandre Tramontana’s (Class of 2011) story begins like that of many hospitality graduates. Coming from a family of restaurant owners, a degree in hospitality management was a natural choice for an ambitious young man from Monaco who fell in love with the Glion campus on his first visit. But it was the hospitality management courses that changed his trajectory by showing him another side of hospitality which goes behind the

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Students with Start-ups – Part 1

Glion students are going into business before graduation. Entrepreneurship is a major focus of the Glion bachelor degree program, so it’s no surprise some students are going into business before graduation. Antoine de Preux, a French national who is finishing his dual degree (LRG-UAS) Bachelor in Hospitality in June 2015, surprised us in his student interview by mentioning his involvement in a start-up. His responses show that although it’s possible

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