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2017 Hospitality Industry Trends: Technology & Customer Experience

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate, especially in the hospitality and tourism industry. Customer-facing interactions are quickly being replaced with self-scan, self- check transactions, which have enabled the customer to become more self-sufficient. A study at the University of Oxford has even revealed that by the year 2033, as many as 47% of modern day job roles could be claimed by automation. Is it the end for customer service provided by actual people?

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Glion alumni open ‘Melt’, a new BBQ restaurant in Paris

To open their dream restaurant, two Glion friends went to Texas in search of all the right ingredients. Very soon, ‘Melt’ will open its doors as the first Texas BBQ restaurant in Paris.  When Jean Ganizate and Antoine Martinez tasted real barbecue (BBQ) in New York City for the first time, it was a revelation. They followed their taste-buds back to Texas to find the techniques and recipes behind the

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Hospitality trends: Seven tips for hospitality tech startups from alumnus Jeffrey Messud

Glion alumnus Jeffrey Messud, founder and CEO of Xotelia, describes the four steps that he followed to create Xotelia, a hospitality tech startup that manages bookings and booking channels for vacation rentals. He also provides a wealth of insights into the changing world of hospitality and offers three tips on how he grew his company from a staff of two and zero clients in 2012, to a staff of 24 managing

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The chocolate hotel and other cool urban renewal projects

Urban renewal projects represent opportunities for hospitality entrepreneurs to create really cool new businesses. Here are some examples of inspiring urban renewal projects and insights on what makes them successful. What is urban renewal? Why does it matter? Urban renewal is the process of renovating and repurposing areas in large cities where buildings or areas are no longer being used. The objective is to create multi-usage spaces that stimulate the

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The value of costs explained by Glion’s new Doctor (DBA) Raffi Chammassian

In March 2016, Glion’s Graduate School finance faculty gained a new doctor:  Dr. Raffi G. Chammassian successfully defended his Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) thesis at the Grenoble Ecole de Management Doctoral School in France. Dr. Chammassian has taken the topics of entrepreneurial management and value creation to a higher level for his thesis titled Towards a New Cost Paradigm for Technology Start-up Entrepreneurs that focused on how costs are

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