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Students show Glion’s diverse spirit at Cultural Fair

Glion’s Cultural Fair is a welcome opportunity to display the diversity of our students. Taking place every semester, the Fair sees students dress in traditional clothes, play music from their culture and demonstrate the eclecticism of the school. Our student ambassador, Polish national Karol Metelski, wrote this blog about the importance of the day. The diversity of Glion  On Thursday 19 October, another edition of Glion’s well-known Cultural Fair took

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2016.1 Glion Cultural Fair

This semester’s cultural fair was held in the Hotel des Alpes, and with the picturesque backdrop of the Swiss alps, looked promising for an exiting evening of entertainment accompanied with some international delicacies. This time we had representations from the following countries, Algeria, Sweden, Belgium, China, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and Ukraine. This evidently demonstrates the true diversity of the Glion body.

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Glion’s Student Government Association

Being a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) is, in my opinion, the highest non-academic rank a student can achieve at Glion. Every semester, the Executive Committee (EC) members are elected by the Glion student body to represent their best interests. The SGA has an international heritage with members of different nationalities. Although cultural traits may appear, we all have a common goal: to evoke the famous “Glion Spirit”.

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