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What Makes A MOF? – The Facts About France’s Finest Award

At Glion, we have a range of staff members with the title ‘MOF’ after their name, but what does it actually mean? MOF is a term used to describe the long-running award Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, which in English means ‘one of the best craftsmen in France’. In the world of hospitality and culinary arts, the MOF title is a prestigious mark of quality. Contestants face fierce competition, and

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Glion students shine at the EM Cup 2016

Some events teach, some events excite, but the best events are the ones that get you involved and interested. The EM Cup competition is truly one of these types of events. Perrine Simmenauer, a Glion student of French nationality, brought back great stories, pictures and memories from her experience at the two-day European Mise en Place Cup 2016 (EM Cup 2016), held in Maastricht, Netherlands on February 14-15, 2016.  The

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