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Delivering Experiences in Luxury Today

Delivering experiences is increasingly challenging for luxury brands today. Luxury brands not only face high client expectations, but are also under pressure to create experiences that are unique, personal and emotionally engaging. Such experiences must be genuine and authentic — not gimmicky. They also need to be true to the brand — its values, culture and purpose — as well as delivered consistently and cohesively across all points of contact, both

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The remarkable past of Jon-Hans Coetzer, new CAO of Glion

Glion’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer shares his views on communication skills and some surprising stories from his past. Last month, Glion’s new Chief Academic Officer (CAO), Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer spoke at the World Communication Forum in Davos. We interviewed Dr. Coetzer to shed some light on his career before the world of academia, and his stories were nothing short of remarkable.    First, we asked why Dr. Coetzer

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