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Planning a Cultural F&B Event: The Dumpling Event

This is my first semester at Glion and my first experience with overseas education, so everything is still fresh and will probably continue to be fresh and surprising for quite some time. So far, I have met the most amazing people, I have experienced precious events, and I have organized one very memorable activity: The Dumpling Event. Our dumpling event has taught me things that could never be learned in

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Lulla, making a career in Shanghai

With her Bachelor Degree in Event, Sport and Entertainment Management in hand, Lulla Hokholt ’12, from Norway, went from our charming Bulle campus straight to China where she put to use the skills and cultural knowledge gained at Glion to progress to a project manager position within two years, at Liquid Impact, an event management agency in Shanghai. In this interview, Lulla shares how she found her calling as an

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