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Crowdfunding in Switzerland: Highlights of the 1st #CrowdTuesday

The first #CrowdTuesday in Switzerland took place April 26th on the Bulle campus of Glion Institute of Higher Education. This networking event was organized by the European Crowdfunding Network and Swisscom by Andreas Pages. It was hosted by Glion Institute of Higher Education and the event logistics and refreshments were managed by Glion’s Event, Sport and Entertainment Management Postgraduate students. The #CrowdTuesday Switzerland event brought together the representatives of crowdfunding

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Bulle campus cleans up

On Friday and Saturday, the 11th and 12th of September, it was Clean Up Day in Switzerland. More than a hundred “communes” (city districts) took part in it and Bulle was one of them. For the students on the Bulle campus if Glion Institute of Higher Education, it was an opportunity to act as members of the community and demonstrate our attachment and respect for this city that has been

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Perspectives on Business Ethics at the 2015 MBA Symposium

On September 15th, Glion Institute of Higher Education hosted its 5th annual symposium as part of its MBA Key Concept Series on the Bulle campus. This year’s event showcased “Perspectives on Business Ethics” with a panel of industry experts who are thought-leaders in the domain of ethical behavior and governance for finance, education, fundraising, and innovation and sustainability. The day’s key speakers included: Paul Dembinski, Observatoire de la Finance, an

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The Future of Destination Marketing and Management

On June 2nd Glion Institute of Higher Education had the pleasure of hosting a EuroCHRIE Swiss mini-conference on the Bulle campus for the second consecutive year. This year the theme of the event was the future of destination marketing and management, with around 30 guests from Swiss hospitality schools and Glion Online MBA and campus faculty joining the day. The day started with Glion Director of Academic Affairs, Christian Daujat,

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The TraVitality conference

On Thursday 6th November GLION (Bulle campus) hosted a new event, TRAVITALITY, a 1-day meeting which was dedicated to food and nutrition in “out of home” (OOH) situations. This topic was chosen with the belief that increasing stakeholder engagement is necessary to fight the global epidemic of lifestyle-related conditions. GLION as host for this exciting event wanted to create a neutral platform for dialogue, and brought together experts from the

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