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What are the benefits of a multicultural environment?

One of the things that make Glion Institute of Higher Education such a highly-valued school is that it mirrors what you’ll expect to find in the hospitality industry. For example, a hospitality career will see you work in many different countries with people from across the globe. At Glion, you are perfectly prepared for this scenario, with 96 different nationalities represented on campus. We showcase this rich diversity twice a

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Glion hosts first ever comedy night

Studying at Glion Institute of Higher Education provides plenty of exciting opportunities, both within and outside of your studies. Our Arts Committee creates and hosts a series of memorable events each year – recently, they staged Glion’s first ever comedy night, raising money for charity and entertaining a stellar crowd of 200 people. Just for laughs  The event, organised with help from the Gradcom and Charity Committee, took place on

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Things to do in Bulle (and beyond)

Now your semester is in full motion, you will have begun to enjoy everything our campus has to offer. But have you had chance to experience life outside of it yet? Have you taken the opportunity to explore Bulle and its surrounding areas? Whether you’re looking for a good restaurant, an afternoon activity or something to do for the weekend, Bulle offers a range of exciting events and locations. Calum,

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Students show Glion’s diverse spirit at Cultural Fair

Glion’s Cultural Fair is a welcome opportunity to display the diversity of our students. Taking place every semester, the Fair sees students dress in traditional clothes, play music from their culture and demonstrate the eclecticism of the school. Our student ambassador, Polish national Karol Metelski, wrote this blog about the importance of the day. The diversity of Glion  On Thursday 19 October, another edition of Glion’s well-known Cultural Fair took

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Students Given Key Advice on Campus Health and Safety Day

On Wednesday 18 October, students at our Bulle campus were given valuable advice and information on safety. With the rise in car accidents in Switzerland, the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and various difficulties in health insurance abroad, students need to be aware of the threats and how to avoid them. The importance of striking a good work / life balance was also discussed, as well as ways to stay

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