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Details of the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management – Webinar Notes & Video Part 1

Student Ambassadors talk about the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with three students from the Bachelor Degree Hospitality Management (BBA). Our Student Ambassadors – Lucie Dardenne (Semester 2, from Belgium) Nathan Ducarme (Semester 6, from Belgium) and Mathilde Christmann (Semester 6, from France) provided detailed information and answered questions about the program structure, the practical arts courses, the internships and

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Can a hotel school really prepare students for the future?

The hospitality industry is changing quickly led by new technology and evolving consumer behaviors, and the same is true for practically every other industry. Hotel schools, on the other hand, are often seen as remaining very much the same as they were 50 years ago, an outdated perception that needs to change. More than a traditional university environment, hospitality management schools – which used to be known as simply “hotel

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Why do we need F&B courses for ESE?

This year, for the first time, Glion’s Event, Sport and Entertainment management students are doing applied learning (hands-on courses) in food & beverage service. This was my experience in the restaurants, and I have to admit, it was worth it.  It’s not what you expect Are you excited? Where will you be living? Have you ever been to Switzerland before? These are some of the questions that you are asked

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Changes in Applied Learning at Glion

Interview with Paul Chappel, Applied Learning Manager (Academic) Change is taking place in Glion’s applied learning curriculum and the impact is shaking up the way faculty and students are doing things on Glion campus. To find out what is going on and what it means for our students, we went directly to Paul Chappel, a senior member of Glion faculty and beloved professor who has taken on the role of

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FAQs about the Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality

The Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality is a unique program that often requires a bit of explanation. Candidates wonder: Is it like a master’s? What do students learn and what kinds of careers does it lead to?  To answer these questions, Georgina Spence, a UK national and December 2015 graduate of the postgraduate program, shares her views on the program structure and the details of the applied learning components that include

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