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“We are born for a mission – a purpose far greater than ourselves.”

BASTIAN BARNBECK Glion Alumnus | Founder of Waved Foundation est. 2016 written by Lauren Solomons, Glion student ambassador  Having had the privilege of travelling to various countries with his family while growing up, Bastian grew a keen interest in languages, culture and discovering the unknown from a tender age. It was no question then, when the time came that he decided to pursue Hospitality as a career and embarked on

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Working in Las Vegas hotels: a Glion alumnus’ perspective

Glion student ambassador Fernando Guardia O’Kellys recently interviewed 23 year old Glion alumnus Diego Lozano Vara from Spain, for the Glion Gazette.   Hi Diego, It is a pleasure to have this talk with you and include you in this number of The Glion Gazette. Before knowing more about your current job in Las Vegas, tell us a little about your academical formation. Which bachelor did you course and where did

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A day in the life of Glion alumnus Ronald Homsy’97 BA in Hospitality Administration

My name is Ronald Homsy, I come from Beirut and am a Lebanese/Canadian Entrepreneur. I graduated from Glion in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Administration. What brought you to the UK? How long have you been here for? I opened Crystal, an exclusive Club designed to the high net worth individual back in 2006, a brand which I launched in Beirut in 2003 before exporting it to Dubai,

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3 Ways My Glion MBA Transformed My Working Life (Part 2)

This is Part 2. Here is Part 1.  Global networking The online platform enabled plenty of networking opportunities as we were connecting with each other from across the world, which brought a lot of new perspectives. Discussions thrived on this and it was a great way to gain knowledge and experience from various cultures around the world. I now feel very fortunate to have more friends across the globe, both former

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3 Ways My Glion MBA Transformed My Working Life

Glion alumnus Eddy Brosse gives us insight into the three main ways his hospitality management career has prospered, through his Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management degree program. He even accomplished one of these career milestones before graduating with his MBA qualification! Eddy graduated from Glion in 2013 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management; Specialization Track: Asset Management &

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