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The Funky Brunch Recipe for Success – Interview with Alumna Jacqueline Chelliah ‘05

Who would have thought a graduate from Glion’s Sport and Event Management School would go on to produce up-scale F&B events? Jacqueline Chelliah ’05, aka Jackie Wonder, co-founded the Funky Brunch company in 2013. As the popularity of the Funky Brunch events grows, Jackie is looking at taking it to a global level. Here’s a little look at her journey from Glion to entrepreneurship and her plans for what’s next.

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A letter to Glion, by Francesca Palazuelos ’10

I’m writing this little letter to express my gratitude to Glion Institute of Higher Education, my university. My Glion education made me a rare breed, a Mexican-Swiss mix – the best of both diametrically opposed cultures melded into one personality. I am both the vibrant life-loving Mexican and the punctual, orderly Swiss. As a Glion student, I had the pleasure and honor to meet people from countries that I didn’t

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Alumna makes Forbes “30 Under 30” list making luxury chocolate in NYC

Making Swiss-quality chocolates in an American metropolis such as New York City is hard work, but Aditi Malhotra ’06 has attracted all the right attention with her fresh and innovative chocolate shop Tache Artisan Chocolate. She was even featured on the Restaurant section of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for 2014. After graduating from Glion Institute of Higher Education in 2006, Aditi continued her studies in culinary arts and F&B

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