Where should I go for my Internship?

Hello everyone,

Hope everything is doing great. Sorry if you haven’t heard from me for a while, the academic life in Bulle keeps me quite busy…

I am pretty sure you are curious about the subjects we are being taught in Bulle, right? Last time, I mentioned that everything would be different from the academic point of view, compared to Glion campus. This blog post will give me the chance to explain to all my friends what we are studying at Glion Institute of Higher Education. Many times I have been asked: ‘what are you actually studying?’ ‘What do you do and which kind of subjects do you have?’ I guess many people imagine us, hospitality students, to be clearing plates and doing beds all day long. Well no, it is not only that!

Among the subjects I have this semester are: Food & Beverage Management, Rooms Revenue Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship (a word I still have to think about twice before writing it down), and Management Finance. As you can read the word ‘management’ is present quite often. These courses are compulsory for all the students, but in addition to these it is possible to choose elective GenEd courses (General Education): I chose Architecture & Design and Natural Science.

As I am in semester 4, I have to look for an internship, starting beginning of summer. My dilemma is: ‘where would I like to go?’ Initially I was thinking of the U.S., New York City in particular, but it is very difficult to get an internship there.

On Tuesday I will have my interview with Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris. But right now I am on my way to Munich, Germany, where the Kempinski Career Day will take place in a couple of hours at Kempinski Hotel Airport München. So I will see where I will end up…

Well, I am landing in a couple of minutes, so I wish you all a nice day.
Greetings from the sky!


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