The Internship Book, Part 1 : The Start of the Race


On week 0 (the week before the return of semester 3 students) the two internship teams are already busy as bees. Karin, Jacquie and Sandrine, on Glion campus, are training the new intern, running over the last minutes preparations. We need to have 1000 internship offers on our Website before the new students arrived in week 3! (Glion Institute of Higher Education received over 2500 offers of internship per semester). They all need to be reviewed to see if they fit the internship requirements. Do we have enough offers from this company, from this country? An internship’s location and company brand are most important to our students. The bulletin board also needs to be ready on both campuses.

photo 2Astrid, on Bulle campus, is also training her intern and checking the latest changes on visa regulations and the mail with the latest internship contracts. Student folders are flying from one campus to the other. The two teams are reviewing the 100 pages of PowerPoint presentations to be given to all the new students in Week 3 on Glion campus and to returning students on Bulle campus already getting ready for their second internship.

Sara has been communicating with the 550 students who have just started their internships through email and now through Facebook, her job is to ensure that all these students are doing fine. Their internship takes them to more than 45 countries and Sara is now an expert in time conversion! We are collecting the evaluations, checking them; Length of the internship, proper signature and stamp of the company. She is also collecting the award letters that several of our students received during their internship. They will have a congratulation letter from the Director of Academic Affairs, one more letter to be added to their new portfolio for a new career on its way.

Great, we have the class list! It is a secret! But the whole team looks for a new name or a student from a new country. With 196 more or less in the world and 102 nationalities on our campuses we still have lots of fun!

Now the students are divided between the team. Every team member has a certain number of students they take “under their wing” Sandrine takes also the French students, Karin the Postgraduate and Diploma students and Jacquie all the ESE students (Event, Sport and Entertainment). Astrid will take all the students looking for an internship on Bulle campus as these students already have experience in the search of an internship and will be able to help themselves.

Soon it will be time for the most intense time: Correction of CVs. Details to come in chapter 2, whose author will be Karin.

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