Snap shot from my life as a student

Dear readers,

My name is Elin Eriksson, I am a 21 year old Swedish student currently enrolled in the undergraduate Hospitality Management program with a specialization in Sales & Marketing. I recently finished my 6th semester, which means that by now I have completed three years of my education. I just say wow! Time really flies.

As this is my first post, I have spent some time reflecting over those three years that have passed by and I realized how much I have been through and how many amazing experiences I have gained. I decided to put my thoughts together in form of some fun and informative memories and facts about my life as a student and Glion in general. So here we go, enjoy!

  • Now something that I am proud of is that I have completed 2 successful internships during my time in Glion. The first one was for the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva and the second one for The Portman Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai.
  • On Facebook I have approximately 350 friends from Glion, those friends are of 64 different nationalities.
  • My favorite class ever in Glion was CBL or “Craft Based Learning”. In this class I learnt how to cook ratatouille and beef tartare, serve wine like a sommelier, create and prepare my own themed menu and manage a team of waiters like a professional maitre d’hotel.


  • Oh, and let’s not forget about wine, Champagne and whiskey tastings on Monday mornings in 1st semester, while watching the teacher open bottles with a machete.
  • In search of my two internships I had about 10 professional interviews, which was a lot for me since I barely had experienced a single one before I attended Glion.
  • Throughout my studies and internships I have lived in 3 different student rooms and shared 3 different apartments. You gotta love to move around!
  • Every student’s favorite spot on Glion campus is “The Club”. This is the perfect place to relax after class, having a cold beer on the terrace while enjoying the breath taking view. Here we also play pool, watch TV and have parties during the evenings.
  • As a student in Glion you will most probably become a very frequent flyer. I counted only the times I’ve been flying between Geneva and Copenhagen and I arrived to least 14 times.
  • The most common misconception when I mention to people that I am in the “Hospitality industry” is that I study to become a doctor or a nurse.
  • As the ski-lover I am, I have visited five new ski resorts during my time in Glion (these include Verbier, Crans-Montana, La Clusaz, Les Portes du Soleil and Megève).


  • The most interesting project I have been writing was a “mystery shopping” evaluation on Swiss watch brands.
  • I have almost learnt fluent French and a little bit of Chinese.
  • Some of the cities I have visited with friends during my time in Glion are Madrid, Nice, Milan, Monaco, Cannes and London.

Now I hope you enjoyed my little snapshot of my time in Glion! Each student’s experience will of course differ from another student’s experience, but what we all have in common is all the fun and great ambience that we share on campus. I hope you want to join us!

All the best


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