Life and work at Ritz Carlton


Hello everyone!

As I told you in my last blog, I worked in laundry for two weeks and have now been working as supervisor for a couple of weeks as well.

First off, I have to admit that my time in the laundry was far more interesting than I had originally expected it to be. Fearing that I would have to iron shirts all day long, I was rather skeptical about starting my work in this department, but it turned out to be a very nice experience. I learned how the laundry is opened in the morning, what the routine is like (meaning when you wash which uniforms, when and how you take care of the guest laundry, when it is time to launder the manager’s shirts and so on) and how to close the laundry in the evening time. Laima, Regina and Santiago, the hotel’s full-time laundry attendants, patiently showed me how to handle everything in this section of the housekeeping department and I also got the chance to learn many of the employees’ names, as I was always there to hand out their uniforms. Therefore the laundry is actually a great place to socialize, which is something I bet you did not know either. So all in all it was a very enjoyable time, in which I also improved my own ironing skills!

After my time in the laundry, I then moved on to getting trained as a supervisor. As a supervisor in housekeeping you make sure that all the clean rooms have been properly cleaned, that there is no dust left, that all the amenities and appliances that are supposed to be in the room (which is something that also differentiates between different categories) are actually there and that everything in the technological department is working as well in order to prepare the room for our guests and to ensure that there are hopefully no complaints or problems, which could cause dissatisfaction or more work for us later on.

I was trained for about a week, so I felt prepared when I was let loose on the rooms myself, although I do have to admit that it feels quite daunting to have the sole responsibility for the rooms, which you have to inspect. This is the reason why I am very specific about all the small details, which is only a problem in the sense that I am quite slow at inspecting. The speed at which you have to check the rooms on a busy day was particularly challenging at the beginning and still is to be completely honest, but I am seeing improvements, as I have established a routine by now which makes it easier to work a bit faster. In the end, it always depends on the state of the rooms, whether you are fast enough or not. But especially if you have a long list of arrivals and there is a large amount of things missing in the rooms, it can be quite exhausting to run up and down the staircases every few minutes to get the things that are missing. So if you decide to come to this hotel in the next few weeks and you see someone looking slightly panicked and nervous running up and down the stairs, that must be me. At least there have been no issues so far, so I am hoping that is stays this way.

I hope you got a little insight into my life as a supervisor here and I will keep you updated on any changes! My last two weeks of housekeeping are coming now, after which I will then move to the front office, which is something I am also really looking forward to. So at the latest I will have some news for you in three weeks’ time!

With this I wish everyone a lovely week!


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