2016.1 Glion Cultural Fair

This semester’s cultural fair was held in the Hotel des Alpes, and with the picturesque backdrop of the Swiss alps, looked promising for an exiting evening of entertainment accompanied with some international delicacies. This time we had representations from the following countries, Algeria, Sweden, Belgium, China, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and Ukraine. This evidently demonstrates the true diversity of the Glion body.

cultural fair glionThe excitement was present right from the moment the team members entered the kitchen and the competitive spirit suggested we were in for a real culinary treat. Out of the kitchen the pace was equally as intense with all countries paying particular attention to detail with the presentations of their nations.

At 7pm the doors opened and guests were greeted with a traditional afternoon tea, put on by the UK stand featuring tea, sandwiches and sweet treats. Equally as sweet were waffles coming out of the kitchen from the Belgium team.

Other food highlights of the evening included oriental specials both from China and Thailand, as well as a deli theme from Italy. Moving onto the clothing, throughout the evening we saw a variety of traditional clothing, from both Algeria, Spain and Indonesia. However a particular mention must go to Sweden for dressing as Abba, showing true pride and undoubtably winning the award for best costume.

On the topic of pride, the plethora of colour in the room, demonstrates both the strong unity and pride that Glion students have, with flags of the representing nations being placed on all walls. Each stand also had humorous and interesting facts about the country which were both humorous and extremely informative. The teams had also pre-selected some tunes that they felt represented their nation.

Awards for the evening are shown below:

  • Best decoration – Indonesia
  • Best traditional clothes – Sweden
  • Best food – Thailand
  • Best stand overall – Italy

Overall this event was once again an excellent display of the Glion spirit, and it’s evident that the efforts put in by all students and staff for the evening defiantly paid off, creating a fun evening for all Glioners. Looking forward I’m sure the cultural fair next semester will be equally as exiting with perhaps even some new entries. As we have over 90 nationalities on campus, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to discover some new cultures.

To see all the pictures of the event, click here.

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