What is the Glion Student Government Association?

At Glion Institute of Higher Education, there are many different ways for you to get your voice heard. You could join a club, a committee or a society, and if they don’t have one that fits your particular interests, you can create your own. One of our most successful organisations is our Student Government Association (SGA), which sees an elected group of our students oversee a variety of our clubs, committees and events. The SGA is a great opportunity for our students to gain vital leadership, organisation and networking skills.

What is the SGA?

Every semester, the SGA is elected by the Glion student body to represent their best interests. The association is spread across both Switzerland and Glion London, and they all work together to ensure they achieve the same goals. This is, among others, to continue promoting and enhancing the ‘Glion Spirit’, through engaging projects, exciting events and improving the overall student experience.

The SGA is an invaluable part of Glion education. It is also a vital opportunity for our students to develop their skills, boost their confidence and make positive changes for future generations. The SGA is focused on ensuring the student body’s voice is heard. They are entrusted with a budget to provide unforgettable moments that Glion students will hold dear long after graduation.

“The SGA represents the Glion students’ voice,” says Marta Miragoli, who is the SGA’s Events Executive. “It is the link between students and faculty. We work closely with five different committees – Gradcom, Networking Committee, Arts Committee, Entrepreneurship Committee and the Charity Committee.”

Introducing the team

The President of the SGA for this semester is Elin Persson. Elin and her team succeeded in winning after a very successful campaign. “We wanted to strengthen the bond between students and faculty,” she said. “We also wanted to give more space for the committees to create events. We also decided to focus on strengthening and reinforcing current events, committees and policies.”

This is something Marta agrees on. “Our campaign was mainly based on cherishing the existing committees – trying to improve them and enhancing the communication,” she says. “We wanted a real collaboration between students and, at the moment, everything is working out well.”

Elin then invited Marta to be in charge of events. Marta feels each member of the team brings something different. “I think each of us has a different personality, which helps contribute to the creativity of the team,” she says. Kseniya Gukassova joined the team as she wanted to enhance her skills. “Being a part of a team that is in charge of bringing the school together is a great challenge,” Kseniya says. “I felt that working with Elin would be a great leadership learning opportunity.”

It is… a vital opportunity for our students to develop their skills, boost their confidence and make positive changes for future generations. The SGA is focused on ensuring the student body’s voice is heard.

In charge of public relations is Ambre Cazaux. “Elin is my best friend at Glion, so when she asked me to be part of the team I knew it would be a great experience,” she says. “I wanted this role in order to challenge myself. Plus, marketing and public relations are two things I’m passionate about.”

In London, the team consists of Joachim Jasmin (Vice-President), Nicolas Haye (Event Executive), Caroline Caudron (Treasurer), Candice Maucourt (PR Officer) and Indiana Levy (Secretary). “In London, we have the chance to be a small number of students, allowing for a lot of bonding and close friendships,” they say. “We want to organise fun and creative events on campus to improve the relationship and integration between new and returning students.”

Glion Student Governance Association

The Glion London SGA Team

Plans for the future

For Glion London, the team has been closely cooperating with those based in Switzerland. “We are working hard with our Swiss counterpart to deepen the relationship between our three campuses and to improve communication,” they say. “Joint events are already in process, so stay tuned.”

Marta says the SGA have been busy working on a number of exciting projects. “We started out by communicating with Bulle City Hall, trying to obtain permits for parking spots,” she says. “We then moved on to the Glion app, trying to have more engagement with students and making information more accessible.”

Marta believes that being in the SGA has been hugely beneficial, both personally and professionally. “This experience will definitely help me manage my time wisely, think quickly and find alternative solutions,” she says. “It will also help me improve my self-confidence, something that is needed if you need to speak in front of a room of people.”

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