The Glion Alumni Student-Network Event

On October 27th, a Glion Alumni Student-Network Event was held in the Skyline café on Glion Campus. These events are organized to create beneficial ties between Glion alumni and current students, and to reward industrious, scholarly students with a chance to meet alumni leaders from a variety of sectors.

Over drinks and a spectacular buffet, students had the opportunity to make valuable industry connections, ask questions and receive career advice. Guy Bentley, CEO of Glion Worldwide, made an appearance to welcome the alumni and share news of Glion’s projects to enhance the infrastructure and attain new accreditation.

Alumni members, from graduation years that ranged from 1985 to 2013, took this opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. It became apparent that much has changed in Glion, as the alumni reminisced about their respective pasts here, but one thing is for sure: Glion is always getting better. Change will always come but, as the alumni and students have proven in this event, the Glion Spirit is eternal.

We hope that this type of event will continue far into the future with Glion and strengthen the cycle of learning, connecting and network growth.

A heartfelt thanks to the alumni guests, student attendees, Sandra Meier and the Alumni Association of Glion, the F&B department, Guy Bentley and his management team, the GASN student committee and countless others for the continuous help and support.

Write-up by Andyas Geraldo, photo selection by Sandra Meier (AAG)

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