Glion students race for charity at Lausanne Marathon

Organized twice a year, the Lausanne 10K marathon is a public race which sees thousands of people from across Switzerland take part. Thus, the Glion Charity Committee encouraged some of our Glion students to take part and run for a good cause. Our student ambassador, Master’s student Nicholas Angelo Di Matteo, wrote this blog detailing the event.

Marathon preparation

The road ahead for the marathon is tough. Therefore, our students ensure they’re fully-prepared by following a strict fitness regime and healthy lifestyle. They go running in the woods, keep in shape at the gym and stay focused on beating their personal best (PB). It is forecast to rain on race day, but the students stay determined.


The race is on

It’s Sunday 22 October and our students arrive ready for the race. Onsite early, they start the day with a fun Zumba warm-up. Just after eleven, they begin. All of the students are ambitious to beat their PB. While they run, local people cheer and a live band plays suitably energetic music, giving runners that extra motivation. Despite the initial forecast, the sun is shining brightly.

All of our students finish the race. Furthermore, they all beat their PBs. They are also pleased that they have participated in such an honorable event, raising money in the process.

All for a good cause

Our students ran the marathon for two charities, Sumba and Share a Dream Foundation. The Glion Charity Committee also encouraged them to run in fancy dress, which helped them raise a commendable amount.

If you think you have what it takes to go the extra mile, our student marathon runners want you to enter and raise money for a worthy cause.


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