Why study Event Management in London?

The news is out: Glion’s Event, Sport and Entertainment Management program is now being offered at Glion London. Since it began in Switzerland in 2001, the ESE program has come a long way. It started out as a Sports Management program, when Glion still had a campus in the tiny mountain community of Leysin, and the students on the program wore blue track suits instead of business attire. In 2007, the program evolved from a purely sports management focused curriculum to include event management courses and entertainment management courses as well.

Now in 2016, London will be the new playground where our ESE students will live and learn. It’s difficult to summarize all of the reasons why this is a great fit for the ESE program, but we’ve done our best here.

Top reasons to study event management in London

study event management in Glion London

Biggest and Brightest Experience Agencies

It’s no secret, London is home to the headquarters and branches of many of the world’s best international event and brand experience agencies. For our ESE students, London represents a world of opportunities. They will be able to experience the “wow” factor of events created by the world’s best agencies and they’ll be the first in line for openings in and around London. Glion London currently welcomes more than 60 international hospitality and event companies per year on campus to recruit interns and graduates, and this number continues to grow.

Which big, creative event agency would you like to work with? See how awesome event management can be with this list of The Best Places to Work in Events 2015.

London: A World Capital of Tourism

Millions of tourists flock to London every year, 16.8 million tourists to be exact, according to the latest data from 2014. London is a popular tourist destination for many reasons, but mostly people come to London to do cool things and be entertained. For someone studying events, it’s the place to be. There are literally thousands of cultural events every year, and there are so many museums, galleries, exhibitions, concerts and theater productions that it’s impossible to count them, no less visit them all.

For a list of interesting events and activities in London check out Student Life in London on our Glion London page.

Events in the UK: Culture, History, Diversity

One of the nicest things about studying in London is that you get the endless attractions of the metropolitan city, plus a huge variety of festivals and cultural events taking place throughout the country. The UK public transportation systems make it relatively easy and inexpensive to travel from London to the sea shores of Brighton, the Scottish Highlands, or the charming historical cities of Oxford, Bath, Inverness or Edinburgh.

With literally thousands of fun, and sometimes bizarre, festivals and cultural events taking place throughout the country, all you have to do is narrow down your bucket list of events to see in the UK.

And last but not least, there are…

A Multitude of Sports Events

The UK hosts many famous sports events every year, and students who begin the ESE program in summer 2016 will be in the UK for several international sports events that are just a short train ride away from Glion London: Wimbledon (tennis), Rowing championships in Rotterdam, the Rugby League – Challenge Cup final in Wembley, Cricket – One-Day Cup final in Lord’s, the  MotoGP – British Grand Prix in Silverstone, and more.

Find more information on this list done by the BBC on international sports events in 2016.

London is the best place for event management programs

If you want to run the world’s biggest shows, and create the most memorable events, then London is the best place to study event management. In London, you will get to experience every type of event and entertainment venue possible in a city that is humming with international culture and innovation.

This year, Glion Institute of Higher Education- a pioneer in the field of event and sport management education – is offering its unique Event, Sport and Entertainment Management program at the Glion London campus in a modern British university setting on the grounds of the University of Roehampton.

To find out more, visit our Event, Sport and Entertainment Management page.

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