Interview with Amal – Glion London Postgraduate student

Glion London Student AmalCurrently studying for her Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration at Glion’s London campus, French/Moroccan student Amal M’rini reflects on why she chose to build her career in hospitality management, and how her program of study at Glion London is preparing her with the skills and knowledge for future success.

Q: Before you enrolled, why did you decide to study for a Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Administration?

Amal: “After an internship at a hotel in The Canary Islands in reservations and marketing, I felt really interested in hospitality. After my internship, I moved to the UK to work as a switchboard operator and receptionist in a hotel and this confirmed my passion for hospitality. I would like to have larger opportunities in the years coming; therefore I decided to take a step ahead with a degree in hospitality administration.”

Q: What security/stability do you feel this industry offers you for your future career?

Amal: “Hospitality is an enormous industry and it is expanding more and more. In addition, it is an international business field and you can choose to work abroad. You will always find options. Hospitality is related to tourism, which is growing significantly.”

Q: Why did you choose to study at Glion Institute of Higher Education in London?

Amal: “The first reason why I chose Glion is the location. I wanted to continue my studies in London because it is a dynamic city with huge opportunities in the hospitality industry and tourism. It is multicultural and you can meet different people with different experiences.

After some research, when I discovered Glion, the choice was obvious since it has a worldwide reputation. Glion is a valuable investment for the future since you don’t only graduate with a degree; you develop a network within the institution and have the possibility to develop this network within industry while you are studying.”Glion London

Q: What benefits do you hope to acquire after achieving your postgraduate qualification with Glion London?

Amal: “After graduation, I am first hoping to have job security in the future. Then, I would like to progress in my career and be in executive management.

Glion actually gives you a base and helps you in promoting yourself towards potential recruiters. Teachers who have been professionals in the industry encourage you to get the best out of yourself at any time.”

Q: What have you learned so far that has helped to influence your future career direction?

Amal: “With Glion, I learnt that I actually have many more opportunities in addition to working in a hotel, so this might have an influence on my decisions in the coming months.”

Q: What are your favorite things about the program and teaching methods?

Amal: “I really enjoy when we talk about hotels and at Glion we attend organized visits to hotels, which are provided to familiarize students with the hospitality industry. I also find the applied learning in Switzerland really well adapted for learning how to operate a restaurant or a hotel. It is a form of education closer to the reality of tomorrow. This applied learning has helped me to see my strengths and my weaknesses, but it has also helped me to understand that the rooms division department was more suitable for me than food and beverage.“

Q: What kinds of subjects do you enjoy studying at Glion London and for what reason?

Amal: “I really enjoy the subjects directly related to hospitality like ‘Introduction to Food and Beverage’ or ‘Business Etiquette’ because we tend to talk about the trends of today and the brands that are expanding. This is extremely important to cover, since our future careers will be related to these trends.”

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Q: How has your experience been of joining the Glion London international student body? What does the Glion Spirit mean to you?

Amal: “My experience has been quite interesting since I have met people from different countries. You learn a lot from them and they learn from you as well. We have many opportunities to participate in student life and socialize. Student life is not only about organizing activities with Glion students but also with the University of Roehampton, in which you have a choice between different sports, and events are also organized. For me, ‘Glion Spirit’ means gathering and sharing ideas in order to serve our future customers and become leaders in the sector.”

Q: Why would you recommend a postgraduate diploma at Glion London to future students?

Amal: “I would recommend the postgraduate diploma to future students because it covers all aspects of the hospitality industry and allows you to have opportunities, not only in hotels but also in travel agencies or airlines.”

Q: What type of position do you hope to go into once you graduate and where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Amal: “I would hope to begin with a supervisory position, in the front office of a hotel or housekeeping. In the next ten years I see myself in an executive management position, in a hotel or in a head office.”

“Glion m’a offert une formation adaptée pour faire évoluer ma carrière dans l’hôtellerie. Ma vie à Londres contribue également à étendre mes connaissances dans le tourisme.”

English translation: “Glion offers me training that allows me to transform my career for the hotel industry. Life in London enables me to extend my knowledge in tourism.”

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