Glion Year in Review 2015

The year of 2015 brought many changes to Glion Institute of Higher Education and we have plenty of exciting news to share.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our success and helped us earn our current status as the “Best Hospitality Management School” in the world, awarded to us at the 2015 Worldwide Hospitality Awards. We are proud of our school, but more importantly, we are aware that our position as a leader in hospitality education is due to our people: Glion students, faculty, staff, alumni, administrators, industry partners, and everyone else in our big Glion family make us truly unique and are the driving factors for innovation, growth and positive change within our institution, our industry and the world.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on the changes and trends that influenced Glion in 2015 and see how the institute is applying those lessons for the benefit of Glion students, alumni and the industry as a whole.

Inspiring Hospitality and Tourism Trendstrends in tourism

The World Travel and Tourism Council updated its Industry Report for 2015 in November, and aside from certain regions, the outlook remains very positive. It is predicted that travel and tourism will continue to outperform the world economy and over the ten-year period to 2025.

Most importantly, we notice that the WTTC predicts a strong demand for hospitality trained professionals. Over the next ten years, hospitality and tourism employment is expected to grow by 6.5 -7 million new jobs per year, to reach 355 million jobs or approximately 10.5% of jobs on the planet. Additionally, the WTTC foresees “a number of key challenges facing the sector over the coming decade, which include acute talent gaps in certain areas as well as deficiencies in the infrastructure and investment required by the growing sector.”

Guided by our renewed Advisory Board, Glion Institute of Higher Education is already taking measures to adapt our academic programs to meet this growing need for talent in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Expanding the Hybrid ProgramsOnline and hybrid programs

The world of education is changing fast and a growing number of students are seeking flexible programs that allow them to work and study at the same time. Glion is keeping up with this trend by adding a range of new graduate programs that provide hybrid learning options and the choice to include a professional internship. This year, the MSc in Hospitality Finance hybrid program has also proven its value as the students and staff shared positive outcomes in the online portion of the degree.

Similarly, Glion has launched a hybrid learning option for the MBA in Hospitality and Service Industries Management which allows students to complete one semester of courses on campus in Switzerland or London, and complete the remaining courses online. Along with the Online MBA for more experienced professionals, these programs have already had a great impact for industry professionals. This year, we saw the number of women in our MBA programs grow significantly, and we got great feedback from students in the Online MBA

Glion London Gets Closer to the IndustryGlion London career fair

At Glion London, the campus has continued to grow; it now has 102 students in total, with many new students starting each semester, plus those who decided to transfer from the Swiss campuses. As such, the student body is now made up of 34 nationalities. The Careers and Internship Fair held in semester 2 attracted over 40 of the world’s leading hospitality and services companies to visit the campus. Additionally, Glion London hosted Residencies for the Online MBA and Executive Certificate programs and tailor-made corporate training events for partners in the UK.

As London is a top destination for MBA, we will be offering the MBA in Hospitality and Service Industries Management at Glion London starting in January 2016. The London campus will give graduate students the chance to experience London’s thriving business scene, innovative start-up culture, vibrant global community and constant flow of tourists and cultural events. Additionally, we have a new Part-time MBA for Executives that will be offered online, with residencies in London

New Opportunities in Luxury Brand ManagementGlion luxury brand management

Worldwide sales of personal luxury goods have tripled over the last 20 years and there will be no shortage of good jobs in the luxury sector in the near future. However, the industry is facing new challenges in terms of consumer behavior and demands, shifting demographics and new distribution channels. As Judy Hou, General Director of GIHE, summarized, “Luxury consumers are not only looking to own personal luxury goods, but increasingly they seek luxurious experiences. So manufacturers are turning towards hospitality graduates to recreate unique customer experiences.”

In fact, during 2015, our institution was approached by many companies in the luxury industry – from luxury brands in fashion and watches, to finance and technology – they came to hire our students for internships and permanent positions. That is why Glion is offering the new Luxury Brand Management specialization for the bachelor in hospitality. So far, this new specialization has attained maximum capacity for its first and second intakes, so we now have more than 50 students preparing for careers in luxury brand management. We’ve also begun collecting their stories on the blog, and you can read their luxury industry testimonials here.

Promoting Student Successstudent success centre

Every aspect of our institution – our programs, facilities, industry relations, social and cultural activities – focuses on ensuring the quality of the student experience and outcomes. These are just a few of the ongoing improvements and innovations that Glion Institute of Higher Education is undertaking to improve learning outcomes, student satisfaction and industry-relevance within our campuses.

On the Glion campus, the Bellevue restaurant got a make-over to return to the “Belle Epoque” style of its historic past and the Laureate Hall got an update as a modular classroom/lecture hall with improved lighting, safety features, technology and increased comfort.

We also received approval from the UK authorities for full tier 4 sponsor status which enables us to process Visa applications, opening the doors of Glion London to students of all nationalities. Indeed, these improvements have not gone undocumented and you can read the details of all things related to Glion London on our blog.

For our undergraduate students, we’ve implemented a new tool for professional development to give our graduates a competitive edge as they enter the industry. Our new customized, interactive online digital platform allows students to create a portfolio of achievements and competencies, it provides a support network of mentors, and enhances the professional learning experience through guided tasks and assignments.

In the classroom, our professors are using high-tech tools to engage students and provide industry insights, you can read more about the use of technology in hospitality education here, and innovation in hospitality teaching methods here. 

All-Star Alumni ProfilesGlion alumni profiles

All year, we’ve been collaborating with our alumni in the industry to collect their stories and career insights from the hospitality industry and many other sectors. Not surprisingly, we’ve learned that our alumni who number around 12,000 in 150 different countries are leading careers in a wide variety of roles, companies and locations around the world. Here is our short-list of amazing alumni stories that we’ve collected so far:

  • Gauthier van den Eynde ’10, Operations and Logistics Manager, Uber
  • John Paul Adamo ‘01, Owner & Executive Chef, Hockley Valley Resort and Adamo Estate Winery
  • Alexandre Tramontana ’11, Entrepreneur/Owner of
  • Aditi Malhotra ’06, Owner Tache Artisan Chocolate
  • Kristina Shmarenkova’10, Sales Manager, Rocco Forte Hotels
  • Lulla Hokholt ’12, Project Manager in Event Management
  • Kristina Jabornicka ’13, Commission for Foreign Affairs, Czech Olympic Committee

Luckily, you can find all of these stories and many more on our blog in the Alumni section.

Glion in the CommunityGlion holimontreux

The Student Affairs team (SA), in collaboration with SGA (Student Government Association) and Operations, worked on a number of different events and initiatives, some in collaboration with the city of Bulle. On August 28th, a Cultural Fair was held in the town center of Bulle with a different format and open to the public. Students hosted stands offering a taste of traditional food from their countries of origin. This “Ballade Gourmande” started at the Bulle Castle and continued to a reception at the campus Academic Centre and Reymond Jaussi building. The dinner was offered by Glion and Globull kindly offered free entrance and a welcome drinks after dinner, to all participants.

Saturday May 16th Glion students hosted the most colorful event in the history of Montreux! The students in the Event, Sport and Entertainment management program, planned and executed an outdoor party called Holi Montreux to celebrate spring in the Holi Indian tradition. It was a great atmosphere of colours, music and special performances and it had a great turnout with 950 tickets sold and more than 2,000 visitors. See all the pictures on

Looking Ahead

While 2015 was a year of many accomplishments for Glion, it was also a year of hardships for people in many regions of the world. Our world is becoming more complex, consumer needs and expectations are changing, and business is becoming more challenging. Our mission today remains the same, we prepare our students for their future career and their future business environment. We will continue to make sure our students understand the important issues that impact the people and communities where they work, and we will push them forward to innovate and make the best use of new technology. We see a bright future when we see the dedication, perseverance, ambition and creativity of our students and alumni. As Allen Bloom once said, “Education is the movement from darkness to light,” and we see lots of light ahead for our big Glion family, and we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the New Year.

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