Glion students volunteer at luxury event

Glion hospitality management students lent a hand at the 6th annual Vendanges de la rue du Rhone event in Geneva’s luxury shopping district.

More than 60 Glion students volunteered at Geneva’s 6th annual wine-tasting and luxury shopping event, Les Vendanges de la Rue du Rhone on September 4th. As a part of their applied learning curriculum, students from the hospitality management degree program semesters 1 and 3 put their practical skills into use by presenting and serving wine, greeting guests, and assisting with the operational tasks of the event.

Glion Vendanges de Geneve

Les Vendanges de la Rue du Rhone is a classy evening event where visitors have a chance to taste regional wines and gourmet food while shopping in the luxury brand boutiques in Geneva. Orchestrated by Côte Magazine, this unique event is supported by more than 60 boutiques and also features musicians and mini-jazz orchestras playing in the street.

This event is yet another example of the strong relationship between luxury brand management and hospitality management. “As luxury brands have enhanced their services, buying a luxury bag, for instance, is now being considered an experience. Now the buying experience comes down to accommodating the customer and their expectations and this is something hospitality professionals know how to do. This is also why we’re developing a luxury brand management course in order to meet this demand,” explains Judy Hou, CEO of Glion. Paul Chappel, Head of Academic Product Innovation and Initiatives, also said, “I strongly believe our graduates have brilliant perspectives in this sector because during their studies they are trained in high-level service and management standards which luxury industry requires,” and “their transferrable soft skills are particularly attractive to employers working in the luxury sector.”

Clearly, there is a growing awareness of the value of hospitality skills in different markets, as boutique owner Daniel Benjamin said “This is the 1st year we have students from hospitality education. Before, it was the wine makers who were taking care of the service,” and “to learn and start from the rock-bottom is the best way to understand the business and work, because later, you know what you are talking about to your team or employees.”

Glion vendanges de geneve student serving
During this event, the Glion students used their soft skills in communication and customer service, and developed their Food & Beverage knowledge base, as wine studies is a part of the Intro to F&B course. Most importantly, the event gave students the opportunity to gain experience in a luxury environment where VIP guests had high expectations for the service quality and overall experience. When asked, student Georgie Boden confirmed that this experience developed the students’: “Confidence, ability to speak different stakeholders and their knowledge about wines.”

For the merchants, vineyard owners and other stakeholders, the event was qualified as an “amazing evening” and a “really good initiative, nice atmosphere and different way to promote our new collections launch.” It also raised awareness for the regional wines and restaurants in an agreeably posh atmosphere.

We congratulate the students on their outstanding performance during the event, and thank the faculty for facilitating Glion’s participation in this event which was an amazing opportunity to raise awareness about hospitality education and network with luxury brand management professionals.


Check out the pictures on our Flickr photo album Les Vendanges de Genève.

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