Glion Champs 2014

With the many outstanding events Glion students have hosted in the past, ESE1 can finally join the ranks as they hosted their first event early last week. The annual Glion Champs sporting event is produced and executed by ESE1 students. This year the Glion Champs team put together a memorable event and showcased the Glion Spirit, student’s individuality, and teamwork.

Glion Champs 2014

From brainstorming, securing sponsors, to organizing games, the students really worked together to create a sporting event that was competitive, but also fun. With a total of 5 sports/activities, there was something for everyone. Many students played in badminton and we have some pretty fierce games of table tennis and indoor football as well. The students certainly gave it their all.

Glion champs

Dodge ball was new activity this year. It worked well as a fun, stress reliever. The students enjoyed many laughs. Overall the event was a way for all the students to interact in a fun and light-hearted environment. It showed what teamwork is all about and how the courage to try something new can be surprisingly rewarding. Surely, ESE1’s will wow us again.

Glion Champs 2014 Instagram

To make good use of social media, an instagram contest was held to showcase the event from students perspective and to promote it. Congratulations to the winners for documenting this event!

For more pictures of the event, check out Glion’s Flickr album.

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