GIHE students watch and learn at UEFA Youth League Finals

As a result of the academic collaboration that UEFA has with Glion, Glion students and Faculty were invited to attend the semi-finals and finals of the UEFA Youth League involving the youth teams (Under 19) of the most prestigious European clubs.

Glion has recently joined forces with UEFA in that PG ESE students will work next semester with UEFA representatives on academic projects prior to EURO 2016. Initially the projects will include exploring the E-guest experience and VIP cultural programs at tournament locations.

Glion students and Faculty travelled to UEFA’s Colovray stadium in Nyon on 11th and 14th April. ESE students attending the semi-finals were not just there for the spectacle of the prestigious football matches…they were also there to work on assignments set on the basis of experiencing events of this nature to provide background for their studies.

The Faculty member supervising their studies, Mike Abson, spoke of how important the relationship with UEFA is to bring authentic learning into students’ studies. He said “We are thrilled that our ESE students’ will have this opportunity to work with UEFA on their VIP Cultural program, the impact can’t be understated. This partnership enables our students to put into practise what they have learned in theory and with an event as prestigious and exciting as the EURO 2016. We look forward to showing what our students are capable of doing!”

On 14th April, a separate group headed off to the sold out stadium from the Bulle campus to see Barcelona take the title against Benfica, 3-0.

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