Four Reasons to get an MBA in Hospitality

With so many MBAs on offer these days, it can be hard to narrow down the choices and find the right course. Do you want to study close to home, abroad or online? Will you follow a traditional MBA or try a hybrid program? Are you a good candidate for an MBA or an MBA for Executives? The answer to these questions depends largely on your background, preferences and objectives.

Glion’s MBA in Hospitality and Service Industries Management aims to meet the needs of professionals in different stages of their careers. In addition to teaching the hard management skills for executive positions in the hospitality industry, the MBA has developed a “learning by doing” approach that also sharpens soft skills through real life case studies and group projects. The applied learning methods teach students to be effective researchers, problem solvers, and leaders as they grow in their careers.

Based on the testimonials of our current students and alumni, here are the things that make the MBA in hospitality truly relevant and interesting for anyone who wants to reach executive positions in the hospitality industry.

1. An MBA for Hospitality: a Microcosm Industry

The hospitality industry is a global industry that is growing fast, and changing even faster. Plus, it is a microcosm that encompasses the qualities and products of many other industries. For example, hospitality companies offer products and services, they put customer service above all else, they conduct sales and marketing initiatives, their managers have to make revenue and budget plans, they have to manage real estate, logistics and operations, etc. Therefore, hospitality managers must have a broad range of skills and the confidence to take decisive actions in a highly competitive and changeable market place.

The diversity and global nature of the hospitality industry make it fertile ground for career growth and redirection. An MBA in hospitality is therefore a good investment for professionals who want to accelerate their careers, or start a new career path.

“In the Glion MBA, you also build the capacity to learn, adapt and advance much faster…the MBA makes you work harder, you learn to push big projects, to complete lengthy papers, etc. It’s sort of the same environment as a hospitality world with the fast-paced environment,” said 2015 MBA graduate Natalya Malysheva, Cluster Sales Executive at Rixos Hotels.

2. Soft Skills for Hospitality Management

Glion’s “flagship” MBA program, the full-time MBA offered on campus, was originally designed for young hospitality professionals. Based on the traditional MBA model, it focused on strategic management theory for corporate-level finance and revenue, human resources, marketing, and business development. While these concepts remain a part of the foundation of our current MBA in Hospitality and Service Industries Management, they have taken a backseat to the emphasis on developing the soft skills.

Employers want incoming workers to possess a core set of soft skills that includes critical thinking, communication, creativity, innovation, problem solving, and collaboration.[1]

“The MBA program teaches me to think wider in every aspect and situation, instead of just on the surface level. In fact, the program enhances your knowledge in many ways, including inputs and experiences shared by your classmates, and to me this is one of the most valuable assets that I’ve acquired throughout the learning process. Learning about real-life situations that someone had gone through actually prepared me to manage the same situation if it occurs to me. There are few other valuable experiences that I gained through this program, including time management and multi-tasking skills,” said Online MBA student Pugeneswary Mudukasan, who is finishing his Online MBA while working as a marketing communications manager for the Wyndham Hotels Group.

3. Research and Analysis Skills

Research might not sound like an essential part of a hospitality management job, but it’s more important than most people realize. Competitor analysis, product development, market research, and performance KPIs all require managers to look for data, analyse it, and come to reasonable conclusions to drive business decisions. This is where an MBA really impacts a manager’s qualifications.

The MBA has given me better tools to research and keep up with the new trends within the hotel industry. I will be able to keep our hotels in line with the latest trends, said Online MBA student Althea Ayoub,Vice President of Hotels, Stella di Mare Beach Hotels.

4. A Global Professional Network 

While an MBA program typically lasts a year or two, the international network of classmates and industry contacts that students develop during the program last a lifetime. Plus, having a multicultural mind set is a major advantage in today’s globalized job market. So it’s best to study an MBA abroad or online, to gain a broader perspective and learn to work with people from other countries and cultures.

Glions Online MBA program brings our faculty of industry experts and professors to a virtual classroom with mature students who are living and working on every continent.

This global culture allows students to exchange ideas and learn from others who have very different backgrounds and cultural approaches. Online MBA student Tugba Acikel, Senior General Manager, Babaji Pide (AAYA Limited),said this about his experience, “I am truly gaining a lot from Glion for my career and I am looking forward to bring everything I learn to my real work life, which is happening fairly often. My only advice would be for the future students to pay attention more to the discussions and not only focus on assignments. In my opinion, the discussion board is the place where I learn and enjoy class the most.”

Glion MBA

The Glion MBA in Hospitality

The Glion MBA adapts to your background and experience with four flexible study options. The core MBA courses will strengthen your skills in critical thinking, decision making, research and strategic management; while the student experience in Switzerland or London will contribute to your cultural knowledge and professional network by putting you in contact with other aspiring leaders and industry experts. The Applied Business Project will challenge you to put theory into practice with a real business challenge working for one of Glion’s prestigious industry partners; in the past, the ABPs have been done with Kempinski, Nestlé Professional, Mövenpick, and InterContinental. Specialization tracks are offered for further expertise in Marketing, Finance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

  • Full-time MBA – 1 year on campus in Switzerland or London
  • Hybrid MBA – One semester on campus, the rest online.
  • Online MBA – 100% online for working professionals (average 2 years)
  • Part-time MBA for Executives – Mostly online courses, plus 6 face-to-face sessions at Glion London (average 2 years)

MBA Program Details

The Degree: Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality and Service Industries Management
Location: Switzerland (Bulle Campus), London, Online, or Campus-based and Online (hybrid)
Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, USA
Start Dates:

  • Switzerland: January or July
  • London: January, April, August or November
  • Online: January, May, September or November

For more details, visit the MBA in Hospitality page.


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