Four reasons hospitality professionals should apply for online MBA right now

When it comes to advancing one’s career in the hospitality industry, timing is important. The world of hospitality and tourism thrives on the rise and fall of seasonal demand and summer is an ideal time to apply for an online MBA program.

  1. Get ready to nail your 2017 objectives. Does your company conduct employee year-end evaluations for the promotions and roles for next year? If so, imagine telling them you’re enrolled on an online MBA program. Investing in further education shows your commitment to professional development and readiness to take on new responsibilities next year.
  1. Turn your talent gaps into new opportunities. Currently, the hospitality industry faces many talent gaps, and the WTTC Global Talent Trends and Issues Report January 2015 predictions says that over the years to come the industry will be:
    • Offering more high skilled openings
    • Growing in demand for managerial skills and customer service
    • Increasing the need for broader management and business competencies

An Online MBA program will allow you to take advantage of these opportunities with new knowledge and skills and the sooner the better.

  1. Branch out in a new direction. The hospitality industry isn’t the only sector where the customer should always come first. Other sectors such as luxury brands, wealth management firms, and technology start-ups are just a few of the areas where hospitality professionals can set a new career trajectory. An online MBA program will allow you to develop broader business skills and gain a new qualification, without the uncertainty of having to quit your job to study full time and then re-enter the job market.

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  1. Apply in summer, start in September. Summer is high season for many businesses, which means you may be working long, hard days or you may be looking forward to some well-deserved vacation. Either way, don’t be lulled into complacency; summer is the best time to prepare for new adventures for fall and winter.

Glion’s Online MBA in International Hospitality and Service industry Management next program session starts September 12, 2016. This online MBA program for experienced hospitality professionals has attracted nearly 600 managers and leaders to its ranks since it started in 2010. Get in touch with an enrolment advisor this summer for a personalized evaluation of your eligibility and a fast-track application for this fall.

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