ESE2 takes the Matterhorn

On the weekend of March 18-21, Glion’s ESE2s (students of the Event Sport and Entertainment Management program, 2nd semester) and Postgraduate students had the opportunity to participate in the organization of the Matterhorn Ultraks event in Zermatt.

Glion ESE2 takes the Matterhorn

This annual ski-touring race (between 1- 3 vertical kilometers) boasts challenging, snowy uphill hikes, and a risky downhill slope. With over 400 participants this year, and less than optimum weather, the volunteers had their work cut out for them.

ESE students help during ultraks

Divided up into different groups according to tasks, some students helped out the mountain guides in directing race traffic up on the Rothorn, whilst other groups assisted in set-up/bannering, and baggage-check, as well as managing the main base, called the Triftbachhalle.

This event was a great learning experience for the students through and through. Not only did we get to see the behind the scenes of an event, but also how grueling, and stressful the work can be.

Glion ESE students work on ultraks event

Events aren’t easy, in the midst of all the last minute changes and time nipping at our heels; it reminded us of why we are doing this in the first place. The joy and satisfaction on the participants faces as they cross the finish line, the cheers and smiles from the people standing on the sidelines, the moments of bonding between classmates, and working together as a team to get through challenges.

This is what event management is about. Hours, days, and weeks of preparation, for one day that will last in peoples’ memories for years to come. We try our best to live in the moment, to make it the best possible, so that everyone can continue to relive it in their memories.

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