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Be prepared to be surprised … if you plan to WOW!

Sunday night. Already dark and gloomy an evening as autumn is closing on Paris too. Waiting for my Eurostar back to London, I suddenly started to watch the waiting crowd through strange lenses. Just one thought came up: “human kind is a very strange breed of animal!” … and I already hear  what you’re starting to think, but indeed look around as if you had just landed on this Planet

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Hola ! Que tal ! Greetings from beautiful Costa del Sol! If you have previously read my blog… do you remember when I’ve been to Munich for the Kempinski Career Day? Well that’s the reason why I’m now in Marbella! It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve arrived and started working at Kempinski Hotel Bahía, an amazing and exclusive hotel from which both the African and European continents can be

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